The Styles Defined

We are here to share 7 distinct styles of card making. While there are so many variants or styles out there, we are only focusing on these styles...for now! We may add different styles as the challenge progresses.

1. Clean and Simple (CAS)

  • One main image
  • Lots of open space (uncluttered)
  • Limited layers & embellishments
  • Quick & easy to recreate

2. Clean and Layered

  • clean lines
  • lots of layers
  • designer papers/embossing
  • embellishments/accents
  • clean and fresh looking
  • some coloured images at times
  • white space

3. Shabby Chic and Vintage

  • the use of used, worn or inexpensive components to make stylish goods
  • distressed or sponged edges
  • old feel-antiqued
  • lots of embellishments
  • ribbons or lace
  • lots of layers

4. Clean and Graphic

  • clean lines
  • simple treatment of text
  • no frills
  • bare boned
  • message is communicated quickly

5. Freestyle Collage

  • unrelated elements in a collection
  • can be done in any style

6. Classy and Elegant

  • polished
  • shiny finish
  • sparkling embellishments
  • rich colour scheme
  • sophisticated sentiments
  • regal
  • sweeping
  • dramatic
  • monochromatic
  • layered textures
  • awe
  • impress

7. Mixed Media
  • two or more mediums (for ex: inks, embossing powder, pencils, pastels, watercolor, charcoal, markers, pigments, mica powder, etc.)
  • may include dimensionals- embossing paste, gesso, fabric, found objects, papers, foils
  • may include heated elements- encaustic wax, embossing
  • can be a variety of styles- CAS, Graphic, Shabby Chic, Grunge
  • basically use of two or more mediums qualifies as Mixed Media 


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