Saturday, December 7, 2013

Welcome to one of our Classy & Elegant Designers!

The weekend is here! Hooray! 

Today I am thrilled to introduce you to one of our Classy/Elegant Designers!!! I have admired this designer for a LONG time and I was absolutely thrilled that she agreed to join the team. All of her cards have a beautiful and rich elegance to them!

Please welcome, Lee Ann Barrett!!

Hi! my name is Lee Ann Barrett and I live in St Louis with my 21 y.o.son and a devoted Greyhound named Bella. I have been a crafter as long as I can remember, having done everything from cross stitch to quilting. Scrapbooking became my crafting addiction about 20 years ago. Then I was introduced to stamping a few years back, and cardmaking slowly started taking over my life!
When I am not cutting paper or getting inky, I am a school nurse. I also enjoy traveling and photography. I am thrilled to be working with such a talented group of ladies!

The Classy/Elegant Style can be defined as:

  • polished
  • shiny finish
  • sparkling embellishments
  • rich colour scheme
  • sophisticated sentiments
  • regal
  • sweeping
  • dramatic
  • monochromatic
  • layered textures
  • awe
  • impress

Is there one style you have felt most connected to thus far? 


  1. This card is incredibly beautiful!

  2. Hi Lee Ann. Your card is stunning!!!

  3. Lovely card--it deserves a very special ("card worthy") recipient! So far, I am leaning towards the Clean & Layered style. I could never pull off something this elegant!

  4. Beautiful card - truly classy and elegant!

  5. Congratulations Lee Ann! Beautiful use of vellum on this card. And the pop of designer paper color is perfect. Both compliment each other without taking away from the overall design. Classy and elegant - absolutely!

  6. This is a stunning creation! Classy and elegant indeed!

  7. Your card is stunning and truly is "classy and elegant".

  8. I am a huge fan of Lee Ann's work. It is classy, elegant and imaginative...just like the lovely lady herself. Congrats, Lee Ann!

  9. Classy and Elegant is right! Such a gorgeous card! I can't wait to see more from Lee Ann!

  10. What a gorgeous card and beautiful style you have Lee Ann! I look forward to seeing more! Welcome!

  11. This card is incredibly beautiful can't wait to see the rest of your work! Congrats!

  12. Lovely and elegant card, Lee Ann! Looking forward to sharing inspiration with you here at the card Concept!