Saturday, July 12, 2014

The Card Concept Design Team Call {Wild Card Design Team}

We are looking for a few designers to take on an important role within our challenge. We are creating a Wild Card team. This team will be designing in EACH of the styles. Mastery of each of the styles is NOT necessary...the willingness to "try" a new style and to stretch your abilities...and then to share your experience with our readers is the goal!

You do NOT need to be an "expert" designer...we are looking for new, fresh faces to try tackling each style and to candidly share their experiences with our readers.

The Wild Card Team responsibilities are as follows:
  • Commit to a 3 month term {August-October}
  • Create 2 cards each month {3 in October}
  • Try each of the card making styles featured on The Card Concept-you will be creating a card in each of the styles according to a schedule set by Tracey and Lesley. By the end of your term you will have completed 6 cards-trying each style once.
  • Comment on the submissions of others.
  • Be a team player and have fun!
Other requirements:
  • You must be on FACEBOOK.
  • You must have a current blog.
  • Ability to take clear photos.
  • All styles and abilities are welcome.
  • All product is welcome.
  • No design team experience is necessary.
How to apply:
  • Please send an email addressed to Lesley with The Card Concept Wild Card Team in the subject line to thepaperplayers (at) yahoo (dot) ca 
  • Please include photographs of three of your favourite cards-please try to show some variety of style.
  • Please explain why you would like to join the Wild Card team.
  • Please add a link to your blog so we can visit you!

Please apply to the "Wild Card" team by the end of the day-Friday, July 18th. Your first challenge will begin on August 6th.

Thank you so much for applying!

Lesley and Tracey


  1. Ooh such a nice chance for new faces, wish I could apply but currently I am away from my supplies and will be back in mid august :( ...all the best!!

  2. That's a very interesting offer and opportunity. I'm expecting a little darling daughter any week now so it is not good timing for me to commit for the next three months. Would definitely take on the challenge again later if you repeat the invitation!

  3. I am trying to apply, but the email got sent back to me and said it couldn't be sent. is the correct email address

    1. Hi Cynthia,
      I received your application and emailed you back on the 14th.
      Thanks for applying!

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