Wednesday, September 5, 2018

September 5 {Colorful Basics}

Welcome to The Card Concept! Every two weeks we post our inspiration photo challenge and hope that you will join us by creating a card for our challenge gallery. 

Please feel free to use any of the styles we have defined or create your own with a combination of styles.  We want you to have fun with our inspiration!

Our design team members will also be selecting a style (or combination of styles) and will explain how they were inspired by the challenge.  So come and join us!  We'd love you to try your hand at a brand new style of card making or feel free to work in your comfort zone.  It is totally up to you!

The styles are explained HERE.

Now for the design team and their inspiration: 

Tangii's Inspiration: I loved the rainbow of colors!  I changed 
the "tone" of my colors for my Clean and Graphic card.

Vicki's Inspiration: I loved the boldness of the stripes so I used 
that as my inspiration for a Clean and Simple Birthday Card.

Julie's Inspiration: I was inspired by the rainbow 
colors for my Clean and Simple Mixed Media card.

Michele K. Henderson

Michele's Inspiration: I was really inspired by that great 
combination of stripes, and the idea of home 
for my Clean and Layered card!

Kim Lackenbach
Kim's Inspiration: I was inspired by the rainbow stripes 
for my Clean and Layered card.

Nancy's Inspiration: Those bright rainbow stripes inspired 

my multi-layered birthday cake in a Clean and Layered style.

Maureen Plut

Maureen's Inspiration:  My Clean and Layered card 
was inspired by the rainbow colours and stripes.

Susan's Inspiration: I was inspired by the fun rainbow of 

colors to create my Clean and Simple card.

Angel is taking a break and will be back for our next challenge :-)

Mackie's Inspiration: The rainbow color stripes inspired
Mixed Media style card!

Marcie Sharp

Marcie's Inspiration: The rainbow stripes influenced my stamped 
background, while the furniture inspired me to use
 a 'new home' theme for this Clean and Graphic card. 

Pam Staples
Pam is taking a break and will be back for our next challenge :-)

Our Rules:

1.  Use the challenge inspiration to create a card.
2.  Use one of the challenge styles to create a card (or if you prefer, combine a few styles).
3.  Explain in a post which style or combination of styles you used and what inspired you from our photo.  
4.  Link your post using our linky (please link to the actual post on your blog and not just your blog).
5.  Please try to comment on the cards ahead of you and behind you in the linky.  Everyone loves comments!

The deadline to participate is 
Monday, September 17th at 12:00 pm EDT.

We look forward to seeing your artwork in our gallery! 


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