Wednesday, April 12, 2023

The Card Concept #193 {New Arrival} or {Busy Bee}

     Welcome to The Card Concept !

For those of you who are new to our challenge, every two weeks we will post our inspiration photo challenge and hope that you will join us by creating a card for our challenge gallery.  

This challenge is our double challenge - the second challenge of every month, we are posting two challenge photos!  You can choose whichever photo you prefer, or you could create two separate cards, one for each photo!    

We hope this new option will be one that you enjoy as much as we do- our Designers will let you know which one they decided as well. 

Remember, an inspiration photo is exactly that- a starting point for inspiration. Will it be the colors, the overall theme, the texture, the actual items and/or something else that will inspire your card?

Choose a design style (or combine styles), create a card, and in your blog post, let us know what inspired you from the photo, what style and/or styles you chose and don't forget to display our inspiration photo and link back to our challenge :-)

At the end of the challenge, our Design Team will choose one Main Winner and at least three Honorable Mentions.  We will announce the winners here on our challenge blog, as well as our Facebook page and our new Pinterest board.  

Again, as we mentioned above, please feel free to use any of the styles we have defined or create your own with a combination of styles.  We want you to have fun with our inspiration!

So come and join us!  We'd love for you to try your hand at a brand new style of card making or feel free to work in your comfort zone.  It is totally up to you!

In case you missed the link above, the styles are explained HERE.

Now for our Design Team's inspiration: 

Esther's Inspiration:  My fun fold Clean and Layered card 
was inspired by the cute critters in the New Arrival
 inspiration photo.

Kerry's Inspiration: The adorable woodland animals 
inspired my Clean and Simple baby card.

Julie's Inspiration- I was inspired by the bees, honeycomb 
patterns and dark colors for my Shabby and Vintage/ 
Mixed Media card!

Michele's Inspiration: I LOVE that sweet little orange fox 
next to a white cake, and included the, 
in my Clean and Layered card.

Karen's Inspiration: I was inspired by photo 
193b Busy Bee. The bees, hives and colors 
inspired my Clean and Layered card.
Karen's Inspiration: I was inspired by the colors and
images in the Busy Bee photo when creating my
Clean and Layered Card.

Jenny's Inspiration: I was also inspired by the cute critters 
in the 1st photo to create a Clean and Layered 
welcome baby card.

Nancy's Inspiration: Honey Bees and honey glow
inspired my Shabby and Vintage style 
layered card.

Mackie's Inspiration: I was inspired by the the 
cute little raccoon to create my 
Clean and Layered style card.

Betty's taking an extended break- 
please stop by her blog to say hi!

The deadline to participate will be  
Monday,  April 24th at 12:00 pm EDT.

We look forward to seeing your artwork in our gallery!

If you would like to be included in our entries for possible Winner or Honorable Mention, please make sure you include our inspiration photo in your blog post, and, if possible, explain how you were inspired by our challenge.  Also, please make sure that we are the only inspiration challenge and direct link to our challenge site.  
Thanks again for playing along with us!

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